Postal code (ZIP)

postal code (also known locally in various English-speaking countries throughout the world as a postcodepost codePIN or ZIP Code) is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail.

In February 2005, 117 of the 190 member countries of the Universal Postal Union had postal code systems.

Although postal codes are usually assigned to geographical areas, special codes are sometimes assigned to individual addresses or to institutions that receive large volumes of mail, such as government agencies and large commercial companies. One example is the French CEDEX system.

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PlacesZipcode / Postcode
Abecasis PassageGX11 1AA
Acland AvenueGX11 1AA
Admiral’s WalkGX11 1AA
Admiralty tunnelGX11 1AA
Ansaldo’s PassageGX11 1AA
Arengo’s Palace LaneGX11 1AA
Armstrong’s StepsGX11 1AA
Arow StreetGX11 1AA
Ashbourne RampGX11 1AA
Baca’s PassageGX11 1AA
Bado’s PassageGX11 1AA
Baker’s PassageGX11 1AA
Bay Access RoadGX11 1AA
Bayside RoadGX11 1AA
Bedlam CourtGX11 1AA
Bell LaneGX11 1AA
Benoliel’s PassageGX11 1AA
Benzima’s AlleyGX11 1AA
Benzimra’s AlleyGX11 1AA
Bishop Caruana RoadGX11 1AA
Bishop Rapallo’s RampGX11 1AA
Bleak House RoadGX11 1AA
Bomb House LaneGX11 1AA
Booth’s PassageGX11 1AA
Boschetti’s StepsGX11 1AA
Boyd StreetGX11 1AA
Brian Navarro WayGX11 1AA
Bruce’s GullyGX11 1AA
Buena Vista RoadGX11 1AA
Calpe RoadGX11 1AA
Cannon LaneGX11 1AA
Carrera’s PassageGX11 1AA
Casemates SquareGX11 1AA
Castle RampGX11 1AA
Castle RoadGX11 1AA
Castle StepsGX11 1AA
Castle StreetGX11 1AA
Catalan Bay RoadGX11 1AA
Cathedral SquareGX11 1AA
Cave Branch RoadGX11 1AA
Centre Pavilion RoadGX11 1AA
Charles V RampGX11 1AA
Charles V. RoadGX11 1AA
Cheshire RampGX11 1AA
Chicardo’s PassageGX11 1AA
Chichester RampGX11 1AA
Chilton CourGX11 1AA
City Mill LaneGX11 1AA
College LaneGX11 1AA
Convent PlaceGX11 1AA
Convent RampGX11 1AA
Cooperage LaneGX11 1AA
Cornwall’s LaneGX11 1AA
Cornwall’s ParadeGX11 1AA
Corral RoadGX11 1AA
Crutchetts RampGX11 1AA
Cumberland RoadGX11 1AA
Cumberland StepsGX11 1AA
Danino’s RampGX11 1AA
Demaya’s RampGX11 1AA
Devil’s Gap FootpathGX11 1AA
Devil’s Gap RoadGX11 1AA
Devil’s Gap StepsGX11 1AA
Devil’s Tongue RoadGX11 1AA
Devil’s Tower RoadGX11 1AA
Dobinson WayGX11 1AA
Douglas PathGX11 1AA
Drinkwater RoadGX11 1AA
Eastern Beach RoadGX11 1AA
East WalkGX11 1AA
Eaton Industrial ParkGX11 1AA
Edinburgh EstateGX11 1AA
Ellerton RampGX11 1AA
Emerson’s PlaceGX11 1AA
Engineer LaneGX11 1AA
Engineer RoadGX11 1AA
Europa Advance RoadGX11 1AA
Europa FlatsGX11 1AA
Europa MewsGX11 1AA
Europa RoadGX11 1AA
Europa View TerraceGX11 1AA
Europort AvenueGX11 1AA
Europort RoadGX11 1AA
Fishmarket LaneGX11 1AA
Flat Bastion RoadGX11 1AA
Forbes RoadGX11 1AA
Forty StepsGX11 1AA
Fraser’s RampGX11 1AA
Gardiner’s RoadGX11 1AA
Garrod RoadGX11 1AA
Gavino’s CourtGX11 1AA
Gavino’s PassageGX11 1AA
George’s LaneGX11 1AA
Giro’s PassageGX11 1AA
Glacis RoadGX11 1AA
Governor’s LaneGX11 1AA
Governor’s ParadeGX11 1AA
Governor’s StreetGX11 1AA
Gowland’s RampGX11 1AA
Green LaneGX11 1AA
Halifax RoadGX11 1AA
Harbour Views RoadGX11 1AA
Hargrave’s CourtGX11 1AA
Hargrave’s ParadeGX11 1AA
Hargrave’s RampGX11 1AA
Heaton RoadGX11 1AA
Helifax RoadGX11 1AA
Horse Barrack CourtGX11 1AA
Horse Barrack LaneGX11 1AA
Hospital HillGX11 1AA
Hospital RampGX11 1AA
Hospital StepsGX11 1AA
Hugo RoadGX11 1AA
Irish PlaceGX11 1AA
Irish TownGX11 1AA
John Mackintosh SquareGX11 1AA
Johnstone’s PassageGX11 1AA
Kavanagh’s CourtGX11 1AA
Keightley RoadGX11 1AA
Keightley WayGX11 1AA
King George V RampGX11 1AA
King StreetGX11 1AA
King’s Yard LaneGX11 1AA
Lake RampGX11 1AA
Lancaster RoadGX11 1AA
Landport TunnelGX11 1AA
Library GardensGX11 1AA
Library RampGX11 1AA
Library StreetGX11 1AA
Lime Kiln RoadGX11 1AA
Lime Kiln StepsGX11 1AA
Line Wall RoadGX11 1AA
Lopez’s RampGX11 1AA
Lower Castle RoadGX11 1AA
Lynch’s LaneGX11 1AA
Main StreetGX11 1AA
Market LaneGX11 1AA
McPhail’s PassageGX11 1AA
Mediterranean RoadGX11 1AA
Mediterranean StepsGX11 1AA
Mess House LaneGX11 1AA
Mons Calpe RoadGX11 1AA
Montagu CrescentGX11 1AA
Morello’s RampGX11 1AA
Mount RoadGX11 1AA
Naval Hospital HillGX11 1AA
Naval Hospital RoadGX11 1AA
New PassageGX11 1AA
New StreetGX11 1AA
North MoleGX11 1AA
North Pavilion RoadGX11 1AA
Ocean VillageGX11 1AA
Ocean Village PromenadeGX11 1AA
Ohara’s RoadGX11 1AA
Old Brympton CloseGX11 1AA
Ordnance WharfGX11 1AA
Palace GullyGX11 1AA
Paradise RampGX11 1AA
Parliament LaneGX11 1AA
Parody’s PassageGX11 1AA
Pezzi’s StepsGX11 1AA
Pitman’s AlleyGX11 1AA
Police Barrack’s LaneGX11 1AA
Prince Edward’s RoadGX11 1AA
Queen’s LaneGX11 1AA
Queens RoadGX11 1AA
QueenswayGX11 1AA
Queensway QuayGX11 1AA
Ragged Staff RoadGX11 1AA
Reclamation RoadGX11 1AA
Red Sands RoadGX11 1AA
Richardson’s PassageGX11 1AA
Road to the LinesGX11 1AA
Rock Gun RoadGX11 1AA
Rodger’s RoadGX11 1AA
Rodger’s StepsGX11 1AA
Rosia DaleGX11 1AA
Rosia LaneGX11 1AA
Rosia RoadGX11 1AA
Royal Anglian WayGX11 1AA
SandpitsGX11 1AA
Scud HillGX11 1AA
Scud Hill StepsGX11 1AA
Secretary’s LaneGX11 1AA
Serfaty’s PassageGX11 1AA
Shackleton RoadGX11 1AA
Shakery’s PassageGX11 1AA
Shrine WalkGX11 1AA
Signal Station RoadGX11 1AA
Sinclair PassGX11 1AA
Sir Herbert Miles RoadGX11 1AA
Sir William Jackson GroveGX11 1AA
Smith Dorrien AvenueGX11 1AA
Sortie RoadGX11 1AA
South Barrack MewsGX11 1AA
South Barrack RampGX11 1AA
South Barrack RoadGX11 1AA
South Pavilion CourtGX11 1AA
South Pavilion RoadGX11 1AA
South Shed’s PlaceGX11 1AA
Spur Battery RoadGX11 1AA
St. Anne’s RoadGX11 1AA
St. Bernard’s RoadGX11 1AA
St. Joseph’s RoadGX11 1AA
St. Michael’s RoadGX11 1AA
Sunnyside StepsGX11 1AA
Sunset CloseGX11 1AA
Tankerville RoadGX11 1AA
Tank RampGX11 1AA
Tarik RoadGX11 1AA
The Boardwalk, TradewindsGX11 1AA
The Cliftons ResidentialGX11 1AA
The Island StreetGX11 1AA
Tigge RoadGX11 1AA
Town RangeGX11 1AA
Trafalgar RoadGX11 1AA
Transport LaneGX11 1AA
Tuckey’s LaneGX11 1AA
Tudury’s StepsGX11 1AA
Turnbull’s LaneGX11 1AA
Upper Castle RoadGX11 1AA
Upper Witham’s RoadGX11 1AA
Varyl Beg EstateGX11 1AA
Victualling Office LaneGX11 1AA
Waterport RoadGX11 1AA
Wellington FrontGX11 1AA
Westside RoadGX11 1AA
West WalkGX11 1AA
Williams wayGX11 1AA
Willis’s PassageGX11 1AA
Willis’s RoadGX11 1AA
Wilson’s RampGX11 1AA
Windmill Hill RoadGX11 1AA
Winston Churchill AvenueGX11 1AA
Witham’s RoadGX11 1AA
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How to find a Zip Code.

Finding the postal codes you need for your post is as simple as few clicks. First select your country of choice to be taken to a list of the administrative divisions of that country. Then select the area where you are trying to send your letter for a list of the available zip codes for that area.