Postal code (ZIP)

postal code (also known locally in various English-speaking countries throughout the world as a postcodepost codePIN or ZIP Code) is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail.

In February 2005, 117 of the 190 member countries of the Universal Postal Union had postal code systems.

Although postal codes are usually assigned to geographical areas, special codes are sometimes assigned to individual addresses or to institutions that receive large volumes of mail, such as government agencies and large commercial companies. One example is the French CEDEX system.

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Census divisions


PlacesZipcode / Postcode
AneroidS0N 0E2, S0N 0C0
ArdillS0H 0A0
AssiniboiaS0H 0C9, S0H 0B0
BatemanS0H 0E0
CardrossS0H 0P0
CongressS0H 0Y0
CoronachS0H 0Z0, S0H 0B1
Crane ValleyS0H 0A3, S0H 1B0
FerlandS0H 1M0
Fife LakeS0H 1N0
Fir MountainS0H 0E2, S0H 1P0
FlintoftS0H 1R0
GlenbainS0N 0X0, S0N 0A3
GlentworthS0H 0B6, S0H 1V0
GravelbourgS0H 0A6, S0H 1X0
HazenmoreS0N 1C0, S0N 0A5
KincaidS0H 0G2, S0H 2J0
LaflecheS0H 0B2, S0H 2K0
LimerickS0H 0C7, S0H 2P0
LisieuxS0H 2R0
MankotaS0H 0B3, S0H 2W0
MazenodS0H 0C3, S0H 2Y0
McCordS0H 0G4, S0H 2T0
MeyronneS0H 3A0
MossbankS0H 0E3, S0H 3G0
NevilleS0N 0C9, S0N 1T0
OrmistonS0H 3H0
PalmerS0H 3J0
PambrunS0N 1W0
PonteixS0N 1Z0, S0N 0E1
RockglenS0H 0A4, S0H 3R0
Saint VictorS0H 3T0
Scout LakeS0H 3V0
Spring ValleyS0H 3X0
VanguardS0N 0E6, S0N 2V0
VerwoodS0H 4G0
ViceroyS0H 0G1, S0H 4H0
Willow BunchS0H 4K0, S0H 0E9
Wood MountainS0H 0E1, S0H 4L0
WoodrowS0H 4M0


PlacesZipcode / Postcode
AlticaneS0M 0A0
Big RiverS0J 0E2, S0J 0E0
Blaine LakeS0J 0C8, S0J 0J0
BordenS0K 0G2, S0K 0N0
CanwoodS0J 0K0, S0J 0B4
Chitek LakeS0J 0H2, S0J 0L0
DebdenS0J 0E8, S0J 0S0
DenholmS0M 0R0, S0M 0E7
GlenbushS0M 0G7, S0M 0Z0
HaffordS0J 0G4, S0J 1A0
HolbeinS0J 0G2, S0J 1G0
KrydorS0J 1K0
LeaskS0J 1M0, S0J 0A3
LeovilleS0J 1N0, S0J 0A1
MarcelinS0J 1R0, S0J 0A7
MayfairS0M 0G5, S0M 1S0
MaymontS0M 0E8, S0M 1T0
MayviewS0J 1S0
MedsteadS0M 0B7, S0M 1W0
MildredS0J 0A5, S0J 1V0
Mont NeboS0J 1X0, S0J 0E4
MullingarS0M 2A0
North BattlefordS9A
ParksideS0J 0G5, S0J 2A0
Rabbit LakeS0M 0G6, S0M 2L0
RadissonS0K 0A4
RichardS0M 0C9, S0M 2P0
RuddellS0M 2S0
ShellbrookS0J 0B8, S0J 2E1, S0J 2E0
Shell LakeS0J 2G0, S0J 0A8
SpeersS0M 0E5, S0M 2V0
SpiritwoodS0J 0E9, S0J 2M0
Stump LakeS0J 2S0
VictoireS0J 0A4, S0J 2X0
Waskesiu LakeS0J 0A2, S0J 2Y0


PlacesZipcode / Postcode
AdmiralS0N 0E8, S0N 0B0
BlumenhofS0N 0E0
BrackenS0N 0G0, S0N 0A1
CadillacS0N 0E7, S0N 0K0
ClaydonS0N 0A8, S0N 0M0
ClimaxS0N 0A7, S0N 0N0
ConsulS0N 0P0, S0N 0C7
DollardS0N 0S0
EastendS0N 0B4, S0N 0T0
FrontierS0N 0A2, S0N 0W0
Maple CreekS0N 0B6, S0N 1N0
OrkneyS0N 1V0
PiapotS0N 0B7, S0N 1Y0
RobsartS0N 2G0
ShaunavonS0N 0C4, S0N 2M0
SimmieS0N 2N0
Val MarieS0N 2T0, S0N 0E3
VidoraS0N 2W0


PlacesZipcode / Postcode
AlamedaS0C 0E5, S0C 0A0
AlidaS0C 0B0, S0C 0C9
AntlerS0C 0A5, S0C 0E0
ArcolaS0C 0C5, S0C 0G0
BellegardeS0C 0J0, S0C 0B9
BensonS0C 0L0
BienfaitS0C 0C2, S0C 0M0
CarievaleS0C 0P0, S0C 0A8
CarlyleS0C 0C7, S0C 0R0
CarnduffS0C 0A9, S0C 0S0
CorningS0G 0T0, S0G 0H2
Emerald ParkS4L
FairlightS0G 1M0
FertileS0C 0W0
ForgetS0C 0X0
FrobisherS0C 0B2, S0C 0Y0
GainsboroughS0C 0C8, S0C 0Z0
Glen EwenS0C 0C3, S0C 1C0
HewardS0G 2G0
KennedyS0G 0E5, S0G 2R0
Kenosee LakeS0C 2S0
KisbeyS0C 0E1, S0C 1L0
LampmanS0C 0B5, S0C 1N0
ManorS0C 0C1, S0C 1R0
MaryfieldS0G 3K0, S0G 0B8
North PortalS0C 0C6, S0C 1W0
OxbowS0C 2B0, S0C 0B6
ParkmanS0C 2E0
RedversS0C 0A4, S0C 2H0
SteelmanS0C 2J0
StorthoaksS0C 0E4, S0C 2K0
StoughtonS0G 0B9
WauchopeS0C 2P0
WawotaS0G 0G1, S0G 5A0


PlacesZipcode / Postcode
AlsaskS0L 0A8, S0L 0A0
BaldwintonS0M 0E1, S0M 0B0
BrockS0L 0A5, S0L 0H0
Cactus LakeS0L 0B7, S0L 0J0
ColevilleS0L 0B8, S0L 0K0
Cut KnifeS0M 0B9, S0M 0N0
D’Arcy StationS0L 0N0
DenzilS0L 0E4, S0L 0S0
DodslandS0L 0C4, S0L 0V0
EveshamS0L 1B0
FlaxcombeS0L 1E0
GallivanS0M 0X0
HandelS0K 1Y0
HoosierS0L 1M0
KelfieldS0K 2C0
KerrobertS0L 0C5, S0L 1R0
LandisS0K 2K0, S0K 0C9
LovernaS0L 0E5, S0L 1Y0
LuselandS0L 0C7, S0L 2A0
MacklinS0L 2C0, S0L 0E6
MajorS0L 2H0, S0L 0B2
MarengoS0L 2K0
MarsdenS0M 1P0, S0M 0A4
NeilburgS0M 2C0, S0M 0B3
NetherhillS0L 2M0
PhippenS0K 3E0
PlentyS0L 0A7, S0L 2R0
PrimateS0L 2S0
RewardS0K 3N0, S0K 0A9
RockhavenS0M 2R0
RuthildaS0K 0J8, S0K 3S0
ScottS0K 4A0, S0K 0C5
SenlacS0L 0C8, S0L 2Y0
SmileyS0L 2Z0
Tramping LakeS0K 4H0
UnityS0K 4L0, S0K 0H3
WilkieS0K 4W0, S0K 0E5


PlacesZipcode / Postcode
BarthelS0M 0C0
Bright SandS0M 0H0
CochinS0M 0C4, S0M 0L0
DorintoshS0M 0E6, S0M 0T0
EdamS0M 0V0, S0M 0E3
Frenchman ButteS0M 0W0, S0M 0B4
GlaslynS0M 0C7
GoodsoilS0M 0E9, S0M 1A0
Island LakeS0M 0G3, S0M 3G0
LashburnS0M 1H0, S0M 0A8
LivelongS0M 0A3, S0M 1J0
Lone RockS0M 1K0, S0M 0E4
Loon LakeS0M 0C1, S0M 1L0
MaidstoneS0M 0G1, S0M 1M0
MakwaS0M 0A7, S0M 1N0
MarshallS0M 1R0, S0M 0G2
Meadow LakeS9X
MeotaS0M 0G8, S0M 1X0
MervinS0M 0C3, S0M 1Y0
Onion LakeS0M 2E0, S0M 0A9
Paradise HillS0M 0A5, S0M 2G0
PayntonS0M 0B1, S0M 2J0
PiercelandS0M 0B2, S0M 2K0
Rapid ViewS0M 2M0
Saint WalburgS0M 0E2, S0M 2T0
Spruce LakeS0M 2W0
TurtlefordS0M 0G4, S0M 2Y0
VawnS0M 2Z0
WasecaS0M 3A0
Waterhen LakeS0M 3B0, S0M 0B5
WhelanS0M 3C0


PlacesZipcode / Postcode
AtwaterS0A 0C0
BangorS0A 0E0
BredenburyS0A 0H0, S0A 0C3
BroadviewS0G 0K0, S0G 0C2
ChurchbridgeS0A 0C5, S0A 0M0
CowessessS0G 5L0
DubucS0A 0R0
DuffS0A 0S0, S0A 0B1
EsterhazyS0A 0A4, S0A 0X0
FenwoodS0A 0Y0
FlemingS0G 0J2, S0G 1R0
GeraldS0A 1B0
GlenavonS0G 0A5, S0G 1Y0
GoodeveS0A 1C0
GraysonS0A 0A5, S0A 1E0
GrenfellS0G 0E2, S0G 2B0
KillalyS0A 0E8, S0A 1X0
KiplingS0G 2S0, S0G 0E6
LangbankS0G 2X0, S0G 0E7
LangenburgS0A 0C8, S0A 2A0
LembergS0A 2B0, S0A 0A7
MacnuttS0A 0E3, S0A 2K0
MelvilleS0A 0G5, S0A 2P1, S0A 2P0
MoosominS0G 0G7, S0G 3N0
NeudorfS0A 2T0, S0A 0C2
PeeblesS0G 3V0
RocanvilleS0A 3L0, S0A 0H5
SaltcoatsS0A 0B2, S0A 3R0
Spy HillS0A 3W0, S0A 0H7
StockholmS0A 3Y0, S0A 0E6
SummerberryS0G 4W0
TantallonS0A 0B4, S0A 4B0
WaldronS0A 4K0
WapellaS0G 4Z0, S0G 0B3
WelwynS0A 0G7, S0A 4L0
WhitewoodS0G 0H7, S0G 5C0
WindthorstS0G 5G0
WolseleyS0G 0H8, S0G 5H0
YarboS0A 4V0
PlacesZipcode / Postcode
AylesburyS0G 0B0
BeechyS0L 0B1, S0L 0C0
BirsayS0L 0G0
BrownleeS0H 0M0
Bushell ParkS0H 0E7, S0H 0N0
CaronS0H 0R0
CaronportS0H 0B5, S0H 0S0
Central ButteS0H 0A1
ChaplinS0H 0C4, S0H 0V0
CoderreS0H 0A5, S0H 0X0
CourvalS0H 0A2, S0H 1A0
CraikS0G 0A3, S0G 0V0
DemaineS0L 0R0
ErnfoldS0H 1K0
EyebrowS0H 1L0, S0H 0C8
GouldtownS0H 0G3, S0H 1W0
HerbertS0H 0C6, S0H 2A0
HodgevilleS0H 0A7, S0H 2B0
KeelerS0H 2E0
Lucky LakeS0L 1Z0, S0L 0E3
Main CentreS0H 2V0
MarquisS0H 0C2, S0H 2X0
McMahonS0N 1M0
Moose JawS6H, S6J, S6K
MorseS0H 0B7, S0H 3C0
MortlachS0H 0B8, S0H 3E0
NeidpathS0N 1S0
ParkbegS0H 0B4, S0H 3K0
PasquaS0G 5M0
Prairie ViewS0H 3M0
RiverhurstS0H 3P0, S0H 0E6
Rush LakeS0H 3S0
ShamrockS0H 3W0
TugaskeS0H 4B0, S0H 0E5
TuxfordS0H 4C0
WaldeckS0H 0A8, S0H 4J0


PlacesZipcode / Postcode
ArborfieldS0E 0C3, S0E 0A0
ArcherwillS0E 0C4, S0E 0B0
AylshamS0E 0B4, S0E 0C0
BjorkdaleS0E 0B5, S0E 0E0
BrooksbyS0E 0H0
CarraganaS0E 0A2, S0E 0K0
Carrot RiverS0E 0A3, S0E 0L0
ChelanS0E 0N0
ChoicelandS0J 0M0, S0J 0E5
CodetteS0E 0A5, S0E 0P0
Crooked RiverS0E 0R0
Fairy GlenS0E 0T0
FosstonS0E 0V0, S0E 0A6
GarrickS0J 0G9, S0J 0Z0
GronlidS0E 0A8, S0E 0W0
Hudson BayS0E 0Y0, S0E 0A9
KelvingtonS0A 1W0, S0A 0G4
Lac VertS0K 2G0
LoveS0J 1P0, S0J 0C1
MelfortS0E 0B7, S0E 1A0
MistatimS0E 1B0, S0E 0B1
NaicamS0K 2Z0, S0K 0C4
NipawinS0E 0A7, S0E 1E0
Pakwaw LakeS0E 1G0
PleasantdaleS0K 3H0
Porcupine PlainS0E 0B2, S0E 1H0
Prairie RiverS0E 0B3, S0E 1J0
Red EarthS0E 1K0
RidgedaleS0E 0A1, S0E 1L0
Rose ValleyS0E 0B8, S0E 1M0
ShipmanS0J 2H0
SmeatonS0J 0E7, S0J 2J0
SnowdenS0J 2K0, S0J 0E6
SpaldingS0K 4C0, S0K 0B5
Star CityS0E 0B9, S0E 1P0
SylvaniaS0E 0C6, S0E 1S0
TisdaleS0E 1T0, S0E 0C1
WeekesS0E 0C5
White FoxS0J 0B1, S0J 3B0
Zenon ParkS0E 0C2, S0E 1W0
PlacesZipcode / Postcode
Air RongeS0J 0B3
BeauvalS0M 0G0, S0M 0A1
Black LakeS0J 0G6, S0J 0H0
Buffalo NarrowsS0M 0A2, S0M 0J0
Canoe NarrowsS0M 0B8, S0M 0K0
Clearwater RiverS0M 3H0
Cole BayS0M 0C6, S0M 0M0
CreightonS0P 0A1, S0P 0A0
Cumberland HouseS0E 0S0, S0E 0A4
Denare BeachS0P 0A2, S0P 0B0
Deschambault LakeS0P 0C0
DillonS0M 0C5, S0M 0S0
Fond du LacS0J 0C2, S0J 0W0
Green LakeS0M 0G9, S0M 1B0
Ile-à-la-CrosseS0M 0C8, S0M 1C0
KinoosaoS0P 0J0
La LocheS0M 1G0, S0M 0B6
La RongeS0J 0G7, S0J 1L0
Montreal LakeS0J 1Y0
PatuanakS0M 0A6, S0M 2H0
Pelican NarrowsS0P 0E0
Pinehouse LakeS0J 2B0, S0J 0C9
Sandy BayS0P 0A3, S0P 0G0
SouthendS0J 2L0, S0J 0C3
Stanley MissionS0J 2P0, S0J 0E1
Stony RapidsS0J 0H1, S0J 2R0
Sturgeon LakeS0J 2E1
Sturgeon LandingS0P 0H0
Timber BayS0J 2T0
Turnor LakeS0M 3E0
Uranium CityS0J 0B9, S0J 2W0
WeyakwinS0J 0E3, S0J 1W0
Wollaston LakeS0J 0G8, S0J 3C0
Yellow QuillS0A 3A0


PlacesZipcode / Postcode
AberdeenS0K 0J2, S0K 0A0
AlbertvilleS0J 0A0
AlvenaS0K 0A5, S0K 0E0
AnnaheimS0K 0B6, S0K 0G0
BeattyS0J 0C4, S0J 0C0
Birch HillsS0J 0B2, S0J 0G0
BrockingtonS0E 0G0
BrunoS0K 0G4, S0K 0S0
Candle LakeS0J 0C6, S0J 3E0
CarmelS0K 0C6, S0K 0X0
Christopher LakeS0J 0B6, S0J 0N0
Crystal SpringsS0K 1A0, S0K 0H1
CudworthS0K 0J4, S0K 1B0
DomremyS0K 0B1, S0K 1G0
Duck LakeS0K 0G8, S0K 1J0
EnglefeldS0K 1N0, S0K 0B2
FoxfordS0J 0Y0, S0J 0G3
FuldaS0K 0H7, S0K 1T0
HagenS0J 1B0
HagueS0K 0E6, S0K 1X0, S0K 1X1
HenribourgS0J 1C0
HepburnS0K 0H2, S0K 1Z0
HoeyS0J 1E0
HumboldtS0K 2A0, S0K 2A1, S0K 0A3
KinistinoS0J 0A6, S0J 1H0
LairdS0K 0H6, S0K 2H0
Lake LenoreS0K 0B9, S0K 2J0
McDowallS0K 0G7, S0K 2S0
Meath ParkS0J 0B7, S0J 1T0
MeskanawS0K 2W0
Middle LakeS0K 0J9, S0K 2X0
MuensterS0K 0J6, S0K 2Y0
MuskodayS0J 0B5, S0J 3H0
NeuanlageS0K 1X1
PaddockwoodS0J 0G1, S0J 1Z0
PathlowS0K 3B0
PilgerS0K 0E9, S0K 3G0
Prince AlbertS6V, S6W, S6X
Prud’hommeS0K 0G3, S0K 3K0
RosthernS0K 3R0, S0K 0J1
Saint BenedictS0K 3T0
Saint BrieuxS0K 3V0, S0K 0B4
Saint DenisS0K 3W0
Saint GregorS0K 0J5, S0K 3X0
Saint Isidore de BellevueS0K 0E3, S0K 3Y0
Saint LouisS0J 2C0, S0J 0C7
Spruce HomeS0J 2N0
TwayS0K 4K0
VondaS0K 0E4, S0K 4N0
WakawS0K 0A6, S0K 4P0
WaldheimS0K 0J3, S0K 4R0
WeirdaleS0J 0C5, S0J 2Z0
WeldonS0J 3A0, S0J 0A9
Yellow CreekS0K 4X0
Rm Of AberdeenS7A 0A1


PlacesZipcode / Postcode
AbernethyS0A 0A1, S0A 0A0
AvonhurstS0G 0A0
BalcarresS0G 0A8, S0G 0C0
BalgonieS0G 0E1, S0G 0E0
Belle PlaineS0G 0G0
BethuneS0G 0H0, S0G 0G3
BriercrestS0H 0K0
Buena VistaS2V
BulyeaS0G 0J1, S0G 0L0
CandiacS0G 0N0
ChamberlainS0G 0A2, S0G 0R0
CravenS0G 0A1, S0G 0W0
CuparS0G 0H1, S0G 0Y0
DavinS0G 0J4, S0G 1B0
Deer ValleyS2V
DilkeS0G 1C0, S0G 0C3
DrinkwaterS0H 1G0
DysartS0G 0C1, S0G 1H0
Earl GreyS0G 0J5, S0G 1J0
EdenwoldS0G 0C4, S0G 1K0
EdgeleyS0G 1L0
FindlaterS0G 1P0
Fort Qu’AppelleS0G 0C8, S0G 1S0
FrancisS0G 0A4, S0G 1V0
GrayS0G 2A0
HearneS0H 1Z0
HoldfastS0G 0E3, S0G 2H0
Indian HeadS0G 0E4, S0G 2K0
KendalS0G 2P0
KronauS0G 0J3, S0G 2T0
LajordS0G 2V0
LebretS0G 0G6, S0G 2Y0
LiptonS0G 0C5, S0G 3B0
LumsdenS0G 0B6, S0G 3C0
MarkinchS0G 3J0
McLeanS0G 3E0
MontmartreS0G 0E9, S0G 3M0
OdessaS0G 3S0
PenseS0G 0B1, S0G 3W0
PenzanceS0G 3X0
Pilot ButteS0G 0H5, S0G 3Z0
Qu’AppelleS0G 0B7, S0G 4A0
ReginaS4M, S4N, S4P, S4R, S4S, S4T, S4V, S4W, S4X, S4Y, S4Z
Regina BeachS0G 0H6, S0G 4C0
RicetonS0G 4E0
RichardsonS0G 0B2, S0G 4G0
RouleauS0G 0C9, S0G 4H0
SedleyS0G 0J8, S0G 4K0
SiltonS0G 4L0
SintalutaS0G 4N0
SoutheyS0G 0C6, S0G 4P0
Stony BeachS0G 4S0
StrasbourgS0G 0G9, S0G 4V0
VibankS0G 0B4, S0G 4Y0
White CityS4L
WilcoxS0G 0G2, S0G 5E0
ZehnerS0G 0C7, S0G 5K0
PlacesZipcode / Postcode
ArdathS0L 0B0
AreleeS0K 0H0
AsquithS0K 0G6, S0K 0J0
BattlefordS0M 0E0, S0M 0C2
BiggarS0K 0M0, S0K 0C1
CandoS0K 0H5, S0K 0V0
ConquestS0L 0B4, S0L 0L0
DelisleS0L 0P0, S0L 0A1
DelmasS0M 0P0
DinsmoreS0L 0T0, S0L 0A3
DuperowS0K 1L0
FiskeS0L 1C0
GrandoraS0K 0J7, S0K 1V0
HarrisS0L 0E8, S0L 1K0
HerschelS0L 1L0, S0L 0C1
KinleyS0K 2E0
MacrorieS0L 0G1, S0L 2E0
MildenS0L 0B5, S0L 2L0
PerdueS0K 0A8, S0K 3C0
RosetownS0L 0B6, S0L 2V0
SonningdaleS0K 4B0
SovereignS0L 0E1, S0L 3A0
SpringwaterS0K 4E0
StranraerS0L 0C9, S0L 3B0
TessierS0L 3G0
VanscoyS0L 0E7
WisetonS0L 0E9, S0L 3M0
ZealandiaS0L 0A9, S0L 3N0


PlacesZipcode / Postcode
AllanS0K 0C7, S0K 0C0
Beaver CreekS7K
BladworthS0G 0J0, S0G 0H3
BradwellS0K 0P0
BroderickS0H 0L0, S0H 0E8
BurrS0K 0T0
Casa RioS7T
ClavetS0K 0G9, S0K 0Y0
ColonsayS0K 0E8, S0K 0Z0
Corman ParkS7P, S7R, S7T, S7V
CymricS0G 0Z0
DalmenyS0K 0E7, S0K 1E0
DavidsonS0G 1A0, S0G 0H9
DrakeS0K 1H0
DuvalS0G 1G0
Eagle RidgeS7K 2L6
ElbowS0H 1J0
ElstowS0K 1M0
GlensideS0H 0C5, S0H 1T0
GovanS0G 1Z0, S0G 0H4
GuernseyS0K 0B3, S0K 1W0
HanleyS0G 2E0, S0G 0A6
HawardenS0H 0B9, S0H 1Y0
ImperialS0G 0G8, S0G 2J0
KenastonS0G 2N0, S0G 0A9
LanghamS0K 0H8, S0K 2L0
LaniganS0K 2M0, S0K 0H9
LibertyS0G 0E8
LockwoodS0K 2R0, S0K 0E1
LoreburnS0H 0C1, S0H 2S0
Manitou BeachS0K 4T1
MeachamS0K 0C3
Midnight Sun EstatesS7C 0A5
NokomisS0G 3R0, S0G 0B5
OslerS0K 3A0, S0K 0K1
OutlookS0L 2N0, S0L 0A2
Peace PointS7K 4E2
PlunkettS0K 3J0
Riverside EstatesS7T
SaskatoonS7H, S7J, S7K, S7L, S7M, S7N, S7P, S7R, S7S, S7T, S7V, S7W
SimpsonS0G 0J6, S0G 4M0
Skyview EstatesS7C 0A6
StalwartS0G 4R0
StrongfieldS0H 3Z0
ThodeS7C 0A4
Tuscan RidgeS7B 0A1
ViscountS0K 0H4, S0K 4M0
WatrousS0K 0A7, S0K 4T1, S0K 4T0
Whisper River EstatesS7P 0E5
WhitecapS7K 2L2
YoungS0K 4Y0, S0K 0G1
Rm Of DundurnS7C
Sunset EstatesS7B 0A4
PlacesZipcode / Postcode
AbbeyS0N 0B8, S0N 0A0
BurstallS0N 0E5, S0N 0H0
CabriS0N 0B9, S0N 0J0
EatoniaS0L 0B9, S0L 0Y0
ElroseS0L 0B3, S0L 0Z0
EstonS0L 0C3, S0L 1A0
Fox ValleyS0N 0V0, S0N 0B3
GliddenS0L 0A6, S0L 1H0
Golden PrairieS0N 0A9, S0N 0Y0
Gull LakeS0N 0B2, S0N 1A0
HazletS0N 0B5, S0N 1E0
KyleS0L 0C2, S0L 1T0
LacadenaS0L 0C6, S0L 1V0
LancerS0N 1G0, S0N 0A4
LaporteS0L 1W0
LeaderS0N 0C8, S0N 1H0
LiebenthalS0N 1L0
MadisonS0L 2G0
MantarioS0L 2J0
MendhamS0N 1P0
Pennant StationS0N 0C1, S0N 1X0
PlatoS0L 0A4, S0L 2P0
PortreeveS0N 2A0, S0N 0C5
PrelateS0N 2B0, S0N 0C2
RichleaS0L 2T0
RichmoundS0N 2E0, S0N 0C6
SceptreS0N 2H0, S0N 0C3
ShackletonS0N 2L0
Stewart ValleyS0N 0E9, S0N 2P0
SuccessS0N 2R0
Swift CurrentS9H
TompkinsS0N 2S0, S0N 0B1
TynerS0L 3H0
WebbS0N 0A6, S0N 2X0
White BearS0L 3L0
WymarkS0N 0E4, S0N 2Y0


PlacesZipcode / Postcode
BankendS0A 0G8, S0A 0G0
ClairS0A 0N0
DafoeS0K 1C0
ElfrosS0A 0J1, S0A 0V0
Foam LakeS0A 0G3, S0A 1A0
HendonS0E 0X0, S0E 0B6
HubbardS0A 1J0
ItunaS0A 0B6, S0A 1N0
JansenS0K 2B0, S0K 0C8
KelliherS0A 0C7, S0A 1V0
KurokiS0A 1Y0
KylemoreS0A 1Z0
LerossS0A 2C0
LeroyS0K 0C2, S0K 2P0
LeslieS0A 2E0
LestockS0A 0E4, S0A 2G0
LintlawS0A 2H0
MargoS0A 0B3, S0A 2M0
MozartS0A 0B7, S0A 2S0
Nut MountainS0A 2W0
PunnichyS0A 0B8, S0A 3C0
Quill LakeS0A 3E0, S0A 0C9
QuintonS0A 3G0
RaymoreS0A 0E1, S0A 3J0
SemansS0A 0E9, S0A 3S0
TuffnellS0A 0H8, S0A 4G0
WadenaS0A 0C1, S0A 4J0
WatsonS0K 0B8, S0K 4V0
West BendS0A 4M0
WishartS0A 0H2, S0A 4R0
WynyardS0A 0G1, S0A 4T0
PlacesZipcode / Postcode
AvonleaS0H 0C0, S0H 0E4
BeaubierS0C 0A6, S0C 0H0
BengoughS0C 0A7, S0C 0K0
Big BeaverS0H 0A9, S0H 0G0
BromheadS0C 0E2, S0C 0N0
CeylonS0C 0A2, S0C 0T0
ClaybankS0H 0W0
ColfaxS0G 0S0
ColgateS0C 0A3, S0C 0V0
CreelmanS0G 0G4, S0G 0X0
DummerS0H 1H0
FillmoreS0G 0G5, S0G 1N0
GladmarS0C 1A0
GlasnevinS0C 1B0
GoodwaterS0C 1E0
GriffinS0C 1G0
HalbriteS0C 1H0
KayvilleS0H 2C0
KhediveS0C 1K0
Lake AlmaS0C 0C4, S0C 1M0
LangS0G 2W0
LewvanS0G 2Z0
MacounS0C 0E3, S0C 1P0
McTaggartS0G 3G0
MidaleS0C 0B3, S0C 1S0
MilestoneS0G 0A7, S0G 3L0
MintonS0C 1T0, S0C 0B1
North WeyburnS0C 1X0
OgemaS0C 0A1, S0C 1Y0
OsageS0G 3T0
OungreS0C 1Z0
PangmanS0C 0B7, S0C 2C0
ParryS0H 0G5, S0H 3L0
RadvilleS0C 2G0, S0C 0B8
TorquayS0C 0B4, S0C 2L0
TribuneS0C 2M0
TrossachsS0C 2N0
TruaxS0H 4A0
TyvanS0G 4X0
Yellow GrassS0G 0J7, S0G 5J0


PlacesZipcode / Postcode
ArranS0A 0B0
BuchananS0A 0A3, S0A 0J0
CalderS0A 0K0
CanoraS0A 0E5, S0A 0L0, S0A 0L1
DanburyS0A 0P0
EbenezerS0A 0B5, S0A 0T0
EndeavourS0A 0A2, S0A 0W0
Good Spirit AcresS0A 0L1
Hazel DellS0A 1G0
HyasS0A 0H3, S0A 1K0
InsingerS0A 0E7, S0A 1L0
InvermayS0A 0A6, S0A 1M0
JedburghS0A 0C6, S0A 1R0
KamsackS0A 0H4, S0A 1S0
MikadoS0A 2R0
NorquayS0A 0G2, S0A 2V0
OklaS0A 2X0
PellyS0A 2Z0, S0A 0A8
PreecevilleS0A 0C4, S0A 3B0
RamaS0A 0G6, S0A 3H0
RheinS0A 0B9, S0A 3K0
RokebyS0A 3N0
RunnymedeS0A 3P0
ShehoS0A 0H9, S0A 3T0
SpringsideS0A 0A9, S0A 3V0
StenenS0A 0J3, S0A 3X0
StornowayS0A 3Z0
SturgisS0A 0G9, S0A 4A0
TheodoreS0A 0H1, S0A 4C0
TogoS0A 4E0
VereginS0A 0E2, S0A 4H0
WillowbrookS0A 0J2, S0A 4P0
WroxtonS0A 0H6, S0A 4S0
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How to find a Zip Code (Postal Code).

Finding the postal codes you need for your post is as simple as few clicks. First select your country of choice to be taken to a list of the administrative divisions of that country. Then select the area where you are trying to send your letter for a list of the available zip codes for that area.